Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Add basic info to readmeHEADmasterAmin Mesbah2020-03-11
* Render to a fixed resolution framebufferAmin Mesbah2020-03-01
* Move viewport logic into rendererAmin Mesbah2020-02-26
* Remove OpenGL calls from game update funcAmin Mesbah2020-02-25
* Remove glViewport call from platform layerAmin Mesbah2020-02-25
* Remove unneeded khronos platform headerAmin Mesbah2020-02-10
* Load OpenGl functions manually on WindowsAmin Mesbah2020-02-10
* Fix bad win32 platform check macroAmin Mesbah2020-02-10
* Confine wasm insanity to the wasm platform layerAmin Mesbah2020-02-10
* Fix broken wasm build againAmin Mesbah2020-02-10
* Load OpenGL functions manuallyAmin Mesbah2020-02-10
* Switch jump height to one meterAmin Mesbah2020-02-08
* Fix broken wasm buildAmin Mesbah2020-02-03
* Update assetsAmin Mesbah2020-02-03
* Handle all wall jump casesAmin Mesbah2019-12-06
* Output debug info on WindowsAmin Mesbah2019-11-29
* Add gitattributes file to normalize line endingsAmin Mesbah2019-11-29
* Don't zero vertical v when sliding off ledgeAmin Mesbah2019-11-23
* Specify jump in terms of maximum heightAmin Mesbah2019-11-23
* Add MIT LicenseAmin Mesbah2019-11-19
* Add comment about GLFW input bug and its effectsAmin Mesbah2019-11-19
* Nudge player only over ledges, not under themAmin Mesbah2019-11-17
* Add source code link in comment in wasm htmlAmin Mesbah2019-11-08
* Add a rudimentary wall jumpAmin Mesbah2019-11-08
* Tune jumping a bitAmin Mesbah2019-11-08
* Specify separate speed limits per directionAmin Mesbah2019-11-08
* Nudge playerAmin Mesbah2019-11-08
* Improve jumping, climbing, sliding, fallingAmin Mesbah2019-11-08
* Improve room dimension constant nameAmin Mesbah2019-11-08
* Make letterboxes blackAmin Mesbah2019-11-02
* Change player spawn locationAmin Mesbah2019-11-02
* Fix broken wasm buildAmin Mesbah2019-11-02
* Reorganize dataAmin Mesbah2019-11-02
* Add a world suitable for testing controlsAmin Mesbah2019-11-02
* Try doing actual jumpingAmin Mesbah2019-11-02
* Replace asset folder with asset submoduleAmin Mesbah2019-08-18
* Fix wasm to use glTexImage3DAmin Mesbah2019-07-20
* Get OpenGL 3.3 contexts once moreAmin Mesbah2019-07-20
* Revert "Update GLAD to OpenGL 4.2"Amin Mesbah2019-07-20
* Don't use glTexStorage3D to allocate spaceAmin Mesbah2019-07-20
* Merge branch 'features/tileset'Amin Mesbah2019-07-16
| * Handle JS file loading failureAmin Mesbah2019-07-16
| * Clean up js file loadingAmin Mesbah2019-07-16
| * Don't needlessly build a stringAmin Mesbah2019-07-16
| * Use stack allocator in wasm platform file loadingAmin Mesbah2019-07-16
| * Use stack allocator for platform file loadingAmin Mesbah2019-07-16
| * Update wasm platform layerAmin Mesbah2019-07-15
| * Render different rooms at different color offsetsAmin Mesbah2019-07-15
| * Actually allocate space for mipmapsAmin Mesbah2019-07-15
| * Map room tiles to different tileset tilesAmin Mesbah2019-07-15