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masterLicense under MIT licenseAmin Mesbah14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-06-28License under MIT licenseHEADmasterAmin Mesbah
2016-12-07Add edible food that makes the snake grow.Amin Mesbah
2016-12-07Reorder debug output. Capitalize struct names.Amin Mesbah
2016-12-06Decouple framerate from sim rate and CPU speed.Amin Mesbah
2016-12-02Make debug info toggleable with 'i' key.Amin Mesbah
2016-12-01Implement snake as linked list.Amin Mesbah
2016-11-30Add snake-like drifting movement; screen wrapping.Amin Mesbah
2016-11-30Initial commit. Move '@' around.Amin Mesbah