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* Move vector stuff to it's own filesAmin Mesbah2017-12-18
* Render lines in and between any octantAmin Mesbah2017-12-10
* Merge branch 'features/live-reload'Amin Mesbah2017-11-12
| * Move linux-specific platform code to util_linux.hfeatures/live-reloadAmin Mesbah2017-11-12
| * Load game code instantaneously on LinuxAmin Mesbah2017-11-12
| * Add dynamic reloading of game code on linuxAmin Mesbah2017-11-03
* | Add warning flags to GCCAmin Mesbah2017-11-11
* Use optimized binary for `make run`Amin Mesbah2017-10-24
* Get controller input through SDL event APIAmin Mesbah2017-10-24
* Render a beautiful black screenAmin Mesbah2017-10-17