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masterClean up texel fetching codeAmin Mesbah23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-09-23Clean up texel fetching codeHEADmasterAmin Mesbah
2018-09-23Prefix all definesAmin Mesbah
2018-09-22Clean up transform generationAmin Mesbah
2018-09-22Make some ints uintsAmin Mesbah
2018-09-09Use better typesAmin Mesbah
2018-09-09Move most build logic out to a bash scriptAmin Mesbah
2018-09-02Add logging and better exiting with cleanupAmin Mesbah
2018-09-02Do todosAmin Mesbah
2018-09-02Switch to CAmin Mesbah
2018-09-02Remove some cruftAmin Mesbah