NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
a-game2D platformer written from scratch. Amin Mesbah2023-01-09 02:17
advent-of-codeSolutions for Advent of Code. Amin Mesbah2022-12-21 07:08
calcSimple math expression parser. Amin Mesbah2021-07-25 22:52
co2minimonGet temperature and CO2 concentration data from a CO2Mini sensor. Amin Mesbah2022-08-14 17:03
cursssesSnake game for the linux terminal. Amin Mesbah2019-06-28 22:31
ohspPrototype for a game with dual thruster controls. Amin Mesbah2019-06-28 22:53
star-simBarnes-Hut gravity simulation. Amin Mesbah2017-10-15 23:16
stoichiographSpell words with elemental symbols from the periodic table. Amin Mesbah2017-05-25 04:06
transparent-cubeMinimal cross-platform native/wasm graphics example. Amin Mesbah2019-10-19 07:10
tunnel-runnerPseudo 3D tunnel effect. Amin Mesbah2018-09-23 18:37