Get temperature and CO2 concentration data from a CO2Mini sensor.
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2022-08-14 17:03Remove debug logsAmin Mesbah2+1-4
2022-08-12 06:00Add arch package and systemd serviceAmin Mesbah3+41-1
2022-05-29 03:44Rewrite main loop as a state machineAmin Mesbah1+193-110
2022-05-29 05:39Fix select() timeout after hibernateAmin Mesbah1+3-3
2022-05-28 22:51Cleanup when error; don't try to handle SIGKILLAmin Mesbah1+93-87
2022-05-28 21:38Replace readme links with archived linksAmin Mesbah1+3-3
2022-05-28 21:37Replace busy loop with blocking read with timeoutAmin Mesbah1+47-43
2022-05-21 23:47Keep reading data after system hibernate/resumeAmin Mesbah1+44-2
2022-01-15 20:30Fix checksum calculationAmin Mesbah1+1-2
2022-01-15 07:36Update readme and add licenseAmin Mesbah2+132-1
2022-01-15 07:35Clean things up and add build scriptAmin Mesbah3+77-4
2022-01-15 07:01Gracefully handle unplugging and replugging deviceAmin Mesbah1+37-18
2022-01-15 06:41Get data from co2mini and write it to tmp filesAmin Mesbah1+83-65
2021-12-28 02:48Get data from the co2mini through the hidraw apiAmin Mesbah4+112-0